Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Fortune Club charms

Oh wow. It has certainly been a while since I actually made a post. As I’ve stated before though, I’m still quite active in collecting, actually. Just lazy to make blog posts. OTL I’m not really sure if people missed me being here. ^^; seems like there are quite a few bloggers who suddenly disappeared lately too. As for me, I usually am just… really, really, lazy and I do quick, short posts in either tumblr or twitter. But here, I am trying to attempt getting back into writing entries! I just got a lot of packages from the post office and tried sorting them out yesterday, but I still haven’t really had time to take a look at them all! This one though, I was excited about *points above*. These Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann charms were out quite a while ago but I managed to get a couple of boxes when HLJ still had them. Lucky! So here’s a little preview of the charms ^^ Continue reading ‘Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Fortune Club charms’

Nope I’m not dead yet!

up up and away!

On the contrary, I’ve had a lot of pre-orders recently… well it’s a lot in my own standards anyway T_T; but yes, not exactly a valid excuse as to why I haven’t posted for a long while. I am usually lazy busy with work and I usually try to do a review shoot  — actually have done a couple, but I feel a bit uninspired by them. Right now, by actually making a post (although it’s kind of a useless one) I’m trying to kick myself back into gear. I actually found, and recently joined a new figure community that is actually local and I’m having fun with them. ^^ This is why, even though I’m quiet in the blogosphere, I’m somehow still going strong when it comes to collecting. As of now, my wallet is crying with all the new previews for Winter WonFes 2012, but I’m trying to not add more to my purchases and pre-orders as much as I can so I can still save some money for a rainy day… or maybe a vacation! Hopefully, I can come up with a more informative post the next time around. If you don’t mind my random updates and fangirling, you can always find me via twitter or tumblr. :)

Review: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku (Absolute HMO Edition)

It has been quite a while since I last posted here, but here I am again! I will try to be more consistent because I feel like I have officially slipped out of my PO hiatus (I have a few figures on PO now) thanks to the Megahouse GEM figures and GSC nendos! One of them, though she’s been out for a while now, is the adorable Nendo Miku HMO version.

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The Hunt for a Starbucks Tumbler

Starbucks Japan Valentines 2011 Collection

Starbucks Japan Valentines 2011 Collection

I have been quite a Starbucks fan since I first discovered it in high school. I never was a huge coffee fan when I was younger but I started liking Starbucks frappucinos since my sister introduced to me them. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I liked it quite a lot. Later on though, I have acquired a taste for coffee as well, and I don’t think I have to say that I liked getting my coffee from Starbucks when I can too.

When I got to college, I have always wanted a Starbucks tumbler, but I was never fond of the designs that I see on the display shelves. I’m always a believer of getting the best things for a good price and I didn’t want to spend more than my half-week’s allowance on something I didn’t really like.

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Review: Banpresto K-On! PV Costume ~Ver. 2~ Kotobuki Tsumugi

Hello everyone~! It’s been a while since I posted. I thought that if I left my “Last Loot Post” post on for too long people might think I’ve really stopped blogging! ><; But of course, like I have mentioned in that post (for those who have bothered to read it) it’s only a pseudo-hiatus of buying figures like there’s no tomorrow for me. I’m still a collector, but not as active as others out there. Now~ I’ve started taking a look at some of the figures that I’ve left in their boxes for far too long and this lovely is one of them! Today’s short and sweet review features a prize figure of Mugi-chan from Banpresto (OMG GASP, it’s not a nendo review!)

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My Last Loot Post

So January has rolled around, we were greeting each other a happy new year and in a week’s time, we’d be greeting each other Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy Chinese New Year!) and say that Valentine’s day is around the corner. Boy, time really flies fast. I wish that my loot came as fast as time could fly though. I went to the post office earlier and got four boxes of loot — although the boxes are way bigger than the loot inside. This would probably be my last loot post… why? I’ll tell you in a bit. Now, on to the goods!

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GOSICK First Impression: Holmes as a Loli?

So, the winter anime season has started off last week and although I was hyped up to watch the second season of Kimi ni Todoke, the ‘first’ episode for the second season was called to be a recap. I did not have any other anime in mind to watch besides KimiTodo. So, after looking through the Winter 2011 chart provided by cowboybibimbop, GOSICK was one of the very few that got me interested in watching.

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Review: Nendoroid Petit Aisaka Taiga

As the year of the Tai– Tiger nears to a close this coming February, let me present to you a review of two incarnations of Toradora!’s Aisaka Taiga in adorable Nendoroid Puchi form! That’s right! I’ll be reviewing both versions of the Aisaka Taiga Nendoroid Puchis namely the Seifuku version bundled with the Cross of Venus game and the School swimsuit version bundled with Toradora! Portable.

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