Kagamiku’s Arm Operation

Kagamiku looking at her portrait

Kagamiku looking at her portrait while recovering

Some of the people who have seen my tweets over at Twitter, or have viewed my blog before might have known what happened to my precious Kagamiku figma last week.

Thanks to some advice by fellow collector Yuuka Kazami and some blogs about figma repair — I decided to embark on my first figma repair operation… it wasn’t a fast one ><;

Kagamiku Arm operation #1

Prepping Kagamiku for her first operation

For my first attempt, I had Kagamiku’s right arm removed as well, to be sure I was mending her left joint correctly.

Kagamiku operation 1 pre-op

Operation tools: Screwdriver and epoxy

My tools for the first few operations were a precision screwdriver — for removing the joint bit that’s still in Kagamiku’s arm; and clear epoxy — which fails as a mending agent OTL

In the middle of operation

Kagamiku's arm in the middle of operation

To remove the tiny bit stuck in her upper arm, I had to remove the lower arm so I can push the joint bit using the screwdriver. Careful though, those joint bits can fly off to places and they’re quite hard to find!

Kagamiku operation 1 post-op

Kagamiku recovering -- temporarily :c

After removing the joint bit, dab a little amount of your mending agent and hold the two pieces together for a short while. After which, it should set. For this operation though, I waited for a day for the epoxy to set — but my patience and efforts failed because the joint bit fell off as fast as I tried to mend it. I tried this method several times — which is why it took me until now to have mended Kagamiku.

Kagamiku operation x post-op

Super glue: a Figma's best friend

Last night, I came to a conclusion that my attempts with epoxy were futile — so I tried using super glue. I was pretty apprehensive with using it first for fear that something bad might happen if I were to use it — me being clumsy and all. I had a few accidents while using super glue when I was a kid and they were a bit too painful to be a good memory. But the super glue held the joint together MUCH better than it did with the epoxy. Last night’s effort was put to waste though because I found that the joint was broken again when I opened her box today. This means Kagamiku won’t be able to reside in her box again, unless I want her to be broken again ><;

Kagamiku fixed!

Kagamiku's fixed~!

In the end, I managed to fix Kagamiku! The sad thing is that I can’t move her arm as much anymore, and she could not have her arm close to her body anymore — resulting in a slightly awkward pose… but because of this —

If Kagamin had Geass...

Kagamiku + Geass = ?

I remembered Lelouch’s favorite Geass command pose and replicated it! LOL. I know my photoshopping is bad. What do you think Kagamin would ask of you if she had the Geass ability?

Kagamiku operation x post-op close up

Does she look like she's damaged?

I’m pretty glad that the operation was a success — still, I miss her arm being fully articulated with her ball joint. I’m pretty tempted to replace her — but she’s far too sentimental for me now. I might look for a way to get a spare arm for her from GSC — I’m not sure how though. OTL

13 Responses to “Kagamiku’s Arm Operation”

  1. 1 LEon July 16, 2009 at 9:31 AM

    That look quite good. If you never mention it, I would have think the figure has no flaws. Btw,it seems like most figma figure having fragile parts. I have not open my figma figures yet…one of the factor is that I fear such things may happen as I came across few cases. I don’t know if I can face such incident if that happen to my figma….:(

    • 2 Ninjovee July 16, 2009 at 4:54 PM

      Yes, figmas are quite fragile, but when you consider how cheap they are… They have quite good quality. I try to keep my figmas in their boxes after playing with them in order to avoid accidents such as this.

      I’ve found out that superglue often does the job well, but it would limit the articulation of the figma — which is quite sad. But I think even though there’s a risk of breaking them, not playing with them at all or just keeping them in the box defeats the purpose of them being action figures =)

  2. 3 thetsundere October 3, 2009 at 3:40 PM

    This EXACT same breakage happened to my figma Kagami yesterday *cries*
    Thank you for this post, I have used it as my repair bible! I removed the little bit stuck in her arm with a screwdriver and all that… then tried using ‘Games Workshop Plastic Glue’ but it didn’t work (snapped as soon as I tried to click the arm back on).
    I have superglue just like the Bulldog one of yours – not same brand but I recognise the white residue so I’m assuming it’s similar.
    Do you recommend I try repairing it with that?

    (thanks again for posting this – I don’t know what I would have done without it! orz)

    • 4 Ninjovee October 3, 2009 at 3:48 PM

      Wow. Thank you :3 I feel flattered.

      And yes, superglue is definitely recommended. I think it’s the only one that can withstand the joint being moved around for poses. Be aware though that it’s not going to be as poseable anymore, so you have to be extra careful in handling Kagami. My Kagamiku’s arm had snapped off a few times after this post, so I now have some superglue in my desk in case that happens again ^^;

  3. 5 Bablet16 December 27, 2009 at 1:57 AM

    dear tango-chan.

    i recently obtained a konata izumi figma winter uniform vers. and the same thing happend to me. i’d like to know how you disacembled(took apart) your figma, as i am far to afraid to attempt that now, for fear of further damage.
    thanks so much,


    (P.S Rice Cakes!!)

    • 6 Ninjovee December 28, 2009 at 2:12 PM

      Well, for starters, the shoulder joints won’t come off the torso since it’s attached there… so don’t try to take it off… as for the arm… well it’s actually pretty simple. You can just carefully take it off like how you would take off one of your figma’s hands. As for the joint bit stuck in the arm, I took off the lower arm and then pushed the joint bit out by putting the screwdriver from the other end.

      Hope your Konata gets fixed soon!

  4. 9 Shann January 30, 2010 at 7:11 AM

    Ach, it happened to my Konata too. And I just got her Monday. ;o; The thing is, part of the joint is still attached, and her arm is limp and unposable, but not amputated. I’m afraid to snap her arm all the way off to fix her. What do I dooooo? An answer would mean a lot, ‘cuz she’s my first figma.

  5. 10 ninjovee January 30, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    @Shann: sorry I didn’t thread my reply to your comment… Mobile web is a bit limiting… Anyway… About your figma: You could try slowly pulling out her arm and then applying some superglue on her but, based on experience using glue, it might not be strong enough since you haven’t applied it to the entire surface of the broken joint bit… So it might snap off anyway… So I think it’s better to snap off the joint and apply superglue on the whole surface of the broken part of the joint…that way, the hold would be stronger… But still, even if you mend it… It wouldn’t be as strong as it used to be so you really need to be careful with the arm after you mend it… i couldn’t store my Kagamiku on her box afrter mending anymore because her shoulder joint keeps snapping off when I store her in the box. i’m not really an expert on fixing figures, but I hope that helped you! =)

    • 11 Shann January 31, 2010 at 4:52 AM

      Thanks! I think I’ll just wait until her arm falls all the way off on its own, but I’ll follow your instructions carefully. You seemed to fix Kagamiku well, so I’m sure it will help. =) It’s sorta the same situation Kagamiku had with her arm, but the peg is still hanging from a thread. Thanks a lot!

  6. 12 Q February 16, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Only just found out your repair method. It’s a small pity that there are some limitations to the left shoulder now, but at least it’s still fixed.

    Isn’t it hard to remove the remainder of the joint out of the socket? The ones I’ve read so far either didn’t remove the remainder out or had to destroy it completely to get it out. Speaking of the first one I did read up a repair for the same shoulder joint but with a different method recently:


    Not sure how useful it is to you now but I hope it will help in the future (well let’s hope no more breakages will happen). figmas are rather fragile as poseable action figures, which makes them more for display than to play around with unfortunately.

    • 13 Ninjovee February 16, 2010 at 8:52 PM

      If you’re wondering about the joint that’s attached to the torso… no, I didn’t remove it. The joint part that I removed was attached to Kagamiku’s arm, so I didn’t really have any trouble with that. I guess I’m lucky that the ball of the joint was intact with the torso.

      I don’t know, I think you can pry joint bits out with precision screwdrivers (except for shoulder joints because AFAIK, they’re attached to the torso)… although I haven’t tested it yet, but that would probably leave some scratches on the figure so they opted for using a drill. I’m not brave like them… I’d be scared to even point a drill at my figures ^^; This is one of the reasons why most of my figmas stay in their boxes nowadays… besides the lack of shelf space. ^^;;

      A lot of people with figmas use the superglue method too. It’s not a permanent fix, but it doesn’t deal with the possibility that you’d damage your figure further with heavy duty tools ^^

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