Nagi’s Day Out

I had plans with a friend to go out to the movies last Wednesday — so I figured I should bring a daughter with me and kidnap borrow my brother’s camera and have fun with my daughter too! The source of this was because I was deeply inspired by Kodomut‘s awesome and F-able blog entries about his daily life with his Nendo daughters (and figma Drossel-sama ^^).

As for which nendo daughter to bring — I decided on Nagi, because I was pretty afraid that Yokoppai‘s ponytail might get broken by an unfortunate accident… and because my other nendo daughter has yet to be unsealed from her box.

First bus trip

I spent a good portion of my time that day trying to take photos of cute Nagi when I had the chance ^^

I have classes in my uni during Mondays and Wednesdays and because I live away from civilization the city, I had to wake up super early and leave the house early to arrive at school by 8:00 a.m.

Nagi was excited because it was her first bus ride. I don’t think Nagi ever rode a bus even in the anime series XD

Looking through the glass

Nagi’s trying to make out what’s outside the window even if the window seems blurry.

Enjoying the view

When it’s that early in the morning, the bus’ air condintioning is extremely cold — vapor actually condenses into water. I had to wear a jacket — Nagi seems fine even though she doesn’t have sleeves and is wearing a skirt.

Look outside!

Nagi is actually enjoying what she sees through the window.

The countryside

What I enjoy about morning trips is you get to see a crisp blue sky (unless it’s raining) — and because I’m more or less in the countryside, there are few tall buildings, so the view is definitely better. Recently though, I couldn’t keep myself awake throughout the bus trip, and I fall asleep halfway through the trip — I’m not sure why, but I suddenly wake up when I’m near or have arrived at my stop. I remember our Nihonggo sensei contemplating about Japanese people sleeping in the train but waking up when they know that they’ve reached their stop. LOL. Seems I have that ability too.

A special seat

At the time, I was actually sitting at the back of the bus — I took more pictures than the ones I’ll be posting here, but most of them are blurry (some of these still are) ><;

Listening to music

Nagi: I like the song you’re listening to… but my song’s better! I’ll help you switch songs…

Changing the tunes

Nagi: *push* … *push* … *push* … HEY! Why is it not working?

Ninjovee: Nagi, you’re supposed to push the button, not the word. My phone doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Nagi: What kind of a techie are you? Such an outdated phone.

Ninjovee: The kind that misplaces her phone so she buys cheap ones instead OTL

Soon after flaming my phone… Nagi chooses to divert her attention to my Xing Ke gashapon

Nagi and Xing Ke

Nagi: OOOOH! A doll! Can I keep him?… I shall name you Squishy! and you shall be My Squishy and no one else’s!

Window seats

I think Nagi really loved her special seat in the bus. Window seats are awesome like that.

Listening to music

Nagi felt a little bit sleepy half-way through the trip, so she lied down and listened to some tunes with her new found Squishies.

I got to school just in time — even met my professor on the way to the classroom. I was supposed to get more photos when I get to the classroom, but I was kinda afraid my professor would get the camera… so no photos then.


BRUNCH TIME! I had Pork Bulgougi (sp?). That weird yellow blob is actually a serving of mashed potatoes. The meal originally has rice included, but I try not to eat much rice, so I asked the food vendor to not give me any. For my beverage — well, Nagi’s actually leaning on my water bottle. This meal is cheaper than a cheeseburger meal at McDonalds. Yay for cheap, unhealthy food!

The friend I was supposed to go to the movies with bailed out on me — or, well… slept out is a better term. So I decided to abuse the school’s internet services. It’s being paid for in our tuition anyway *shakes fist*



The PCs that the school has now are brand new. It’s kinda frustrating that they decide to replace the computers when we’re already graduating TAT; we had to endure using CRT monitors with super slow pcs. In our course — not having a laptop or a PC means survival is very slim.

Whatcha doin?

I actually love the lighting inside the computer lab. It’s very bright and I was actually able to take decent pictures ^^


Nagi likes to explore the surroundings.

Ohh... what's this?

…and then she finds the mouse…

Nagi: Oh~ a mouse~ the arrow in the screen moves when you move this right? *push*

Nagi and the mouse

Nagi: *push* *push* *push*

(and we are sponsored by Acer)

Please wait...

!Timeskip to lunch time.

Actually, I was a bit bummed that my friend decided to sleep out on me… so I went to the mall by myself — checked out some stores, and hit the arcade for some LONGED FOR GuitarFreaks — but I found out my skills which have sucked — are now worse. When I felt hungry, I winded up going to a quaint little food place called the Great British Takeout.

The Great British Takeout

The place seems to be inspired by Austin Powers — or so I think. There was a small tv there showing an Austin Powers movie. I actually asked permission if I could take photos ^^; the owner didn’t mind, but I felt that he was looking at me weird. One of the ladies there was nice and thought Nagi was cute and asked me a little about her.

Nagi supports...

Yes… moar water. Nagi encourages everyone to keep themselves hydrated!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips! Yummy X3 quite affordable too… well… if you don’t have a very hearty appetite that is.


After lunch, I took Nagi to the Music hall and chilled out for a while on the steps… The music hall was called such because it is where concerts are usually held, but it’s more of an open event space than a Music hall. When no event is held, they inflate a giant playpen for kids — but you need to pay before you can enter.


While chilling out… Nagi sees something and is terrified. What is it? Can you guess?

Don’t worry though, Nagi was not eaten by the giant blob.

Robot Rickshaws

Also, I saw these in the music hall. They were called Robot Rickshaws. They’re carriages for kids, and the kids can control the robots. I haven’t seen them in action though. They really look weird to me… I wonder if there’d be a 1:1 dollfie rickshaw invented for adults.

After a while, my friend finally woke up and told me to meet up with her. I was supposed to take photos of my train ride but it was too crowded for comfort. I will attempt to do a train shoot one of these days though! *DETERMINED*

Chaotic traffic

I had no more photos of Nagi after that, but this is a random shot that I took when I was riding the bus home — I just found it odd that a jeepney had an foreign flag on it. LOL. Actually didn’t see that when I was taking the photos. LOL

Instant ramen

Last shot of the day with Nagi. Yay for instant Ramen! The noodles absorbed all the soup though… so it kinda was like a noodle sponge. LOL. Still yummy though XDD

I was only bringing one nendo and a camera and I feel like my bag was a bit full already… it makes me wonder how huge Kodomut’s bag is because he brings at least three of his daughters out and he has a more epic camera than I do.

I definitely will plan on kidnapping borrowing my brother’s camera and bringing some of my daughters out again sometime! Not sure when… but I will ^^

8 Responses to “Nagi’s Day Out”

  1. 1 LuluChan92 July 24, 2009 at 11:58 PM

    LOL! Taking Nagi for a tour around! Ha, ha, ha! But why didn’t she like “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'”? I like that song, you know!

    Anyway, get your daughters out of the house more often! This entry was really funny!!!

  2. 2 kodomut July 25, 2009 at 12:01 AM

    The robot rickshaws look interesting.

    Rin would like to know more about them next time!

    That aside, I love how detailed your posts are. I’m always lazy to write up my posts properly ^^

  3. 3 Snark July 25, 2009 at 12:41 AM

    Goddammit Nagi was cute XD

  4. 4 LEon July 25, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    Wow all 3 meals were capture on camera.

  5. 5 Sapphire Pyro July 26, 2009 at 12:59 PM



  6. 6 Ninjovee July 29, 2009 at 11:41 PM

    XD Nagi actually liked “Don’t Say ‘Lazy'” but she says her song was much better! LOL.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement~ I shall try to kidn– borrow my brother’s camera more often! ^_^

    I’ll try to investigate for Rin when I get the opportunity~ I’ll have to bring one of my cousins/nephews with me to know how they work *schemes*

    Thank you so much! I try to make it as detailed as possible to make up for the bad photos ^^;;

    Hell yes she’s goddamn cute!

    LOL. What can I say, I’ve been influenced by a lot of photos of food with their nendos/figmas with them XD

    Yes! I shall ^^

  7. 7 T.I.P. August 12, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    LOL, looks like you had a really nice day out with Nagi…you could’ve went to the movies with her. :P

    I don’t have many Nendo’s, but it looks like fun to bring them out.

    • 8 Ninjovee August 13, 2009 at 8:46 AM

      Yeah! I was actually going to do that, but my friend woke up when I was about to go and called me to go and meet her.

      You should try and get them out sometime! It’s lots of fun! ^^

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