Year-ender post!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for those who have been checking back for new posts (if there were any) as I’ve been a bit busy watching Meitantei Conan and sometimes just plain lazy to try and update TanTango! I’m so behind with what I’ve wanted to post! Also… I’m also in the middle of paving the road out of NEET-dom. ><;; which is why I’m less active on the internet — hopefully, that will change once I’ve set my daily schedule straight… and if I get my hands on a netbook… hopefully soon.

Time has definitely flown so fast! TanTango has already been 6 months old and well… let’s see the stats:

  • Views: 21,628 (as of this post)
  • Overall posts: 98 entries
  • Overall comments: 642 comments
  • Figure Reviews: 4 reviews

I didn’t have an accurate count of the non-figure news related entries… but ^^; considering that most of my unique entries are probably only 20-30% of the overall… I’m a little bit disappointed with myself.

I originally created TanTango in the hopes of seeing others who are also into figures as I’m pretty much a newbie and forging discussions in large communities like tsuki-board and when you’re pretty new is a bit difficult. I have to say that I’ve somehow attained my original goal, finding some people (and connecting with them) whom I can talk with about this fairly new hobby of mine (and of animu/mango! YAY!). Some of the more notable people are: LEon of Open The Toy, Ederuferuto/Papershot, Iced (Aisu-chan), Guy of Geekorner, Tommy of The Inferno Project, Mark/Winterheimhdd (dude, you need a less common but easy to call nickname ><;), anonymous_object of Cool and Spicy, Snark of Taikutsu Remedy and lightningsabre. Although I usually communicate with them thru comments and twitter alone. ^^;

During the earlier days of TanTango most of my posts are usually figure releases, with my corresponding comments about the figures. Although in my opinion, talking about a figure that is to be released on one’s blog is not really a crime, as others also point out, it is a bit too repetitive since a lot of bloggers are doing that already, and have done it way earlier than I did. So, I shifted from posting about each and every hyped up release, to releases that grab my attention. After a while though, I also began to decline with posting these since I rarely see figures that do grab my attention — or figures wherein I have a different kind of opinion… I usually squee about figures I want over my twitter nowadays.

Figure reviews — well, I don’t really have much figures compared to most collectors in the blogosphere, really. My tsuki-board profile can give proof that my collection is indeed small, but honestly, I don’t know where people get the money to buy more than 30 figures in a year — let alone that half of those figures are scaled ones. /rant. I’m planning to discuss more on that in the future… but moving on.

As for my figure collection… I only started really collecting early this year. Last year, my figure collection consisted of:

  • figma Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Kotobukiya 1/7 scale FFX Yuna
  • Edward Elric (version B) figure by Bandai (it’s not on Tsuki board for some reason)
  • Some Sailormoon gashapon figures

Considering that Lelouch and my gashapon figures were only given to me, Yuna was second hand, and Edo was on sale, this isn’t really what you would call a collection.

This year though, I’ve pretty much started a mini-Nendo and figma army:

  • Nendoroids: Yoko, Nagi, Louise, Shana (Enpatsu ver.), Kagamiku, Reimu, Nao (Stacatto ver.), Saber Lily
  • figma: Suzumiya Haruhi (summer uni. ver), Asahina Mikuru (fighting Waitress ver. and winter uni ver.), Kagamiku, Shana (Enpatsu ver.), Saber Lily
  • Scaled figure: Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~
  • Others: Fraulein Revoltech Yoko (movie ver.)
  • Pre-ordered: Izumi Konata (summer uni ver.), 1/8 Saber Lily by Alter, WonFes figma Hatsune Miku

If I still compare this to others, this is quite small, but for me… my wallet is already bleeding and dropped dead on the floor. LOL. I could’ve bought myself a netbook and a PSP with the money I’ve used for all of them… but I love my figures… especially my nendo daughters… I just need to have a secure job. >>; LOL

I still have quite some figures that I can still review, although seeing the size of my collection, TanTango wouldn’t really live on these alone… Photoshoots would be great too, but again, with the sheer number of bloggers doing photoshoots, I’m not sure mine is going to be that much unique. Which is why I’ve put on a resolve to add something a bit more to give TanTango some unique flavor. Seeing that some readers have positive responses to my latest post pre-mini-hiatus, I’ve decided to think up of more topics for these mini-essays. I do hope that they’ll be at least entertaining to read, or you would be encouraged to strike up a discussion about them.

I do hope that everyone will have a  joyful and blessed 2010 ahead of them!


14 Responses to “Year-ender post!”

  1. 1 Guy January 1, 2010 at 2:52 AM

    Good! Coming up with topics, things that make you unique is good. Photoshoots are nice, news are less special since you have to be either the fastest or the one with the most knowledge, which is hard… but your own spin on things, you can always do that!

    To more activity this year :)

  2. 2 Tommy January 1, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    LOL it’s good to see you alive and well. Thought you dropped out. Sorry, I don’t follow twitter. :S

    I kinda imitated what other people did when I first started blogging, but then I developed my own style (and still developing) to differentiate myself from others. It’s not a matter of how many figures you have, it’s more about what you have to say about these figures that interests people.

    Just stay true to what you believe in and write what you want to write (about life and/or figures). I’m one of those that will read whatever that interests me.

    Your spending is not too bad…only a netbook. I could’ve gotten myself a new motorcycle. “orz

    The best to you in 2010. Happy New Year!!

  3. 3 zh3us January 1, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Photoshoots are really either Pro- or NotPro- and the ideas radiating outta pro’s are really full of win.

    Sadly, Im really a NotPro =(

    Its always the unique flavor which keeps me coming back for more!!

    Happy New Year and may you find a job soon.

  4. 4 LEon January 1, 2010 at 11:10 PM

    Happy New Year friend! I hope in the new year I can read more post from this blog. Don’t be little your photography skills as far as I see your photos are unique. Blog is personal. Yes some topic maybe repeative but it is your point of view that your readers are interested about. You are on the right track to blog whatever figure and things you like and can connect with. You are doing fine. :)

  5. 5 moemoekyun January 2, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    Happy New Year ^0^

  6. 6 Ninjovee January 2, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    @Guy: Thank you! :3 and Yes! To more activity this year! I miss your Figure Friday posts btw :3

    @Tommy: LOL. Yes. I’m alive! Hahaha. I should probably have given some sort of notice. LOL ^^;

    Wow. M-motorcycle? That much huh? I can’t even afford that. LOL.

    Happy new year as well! ^_^

    @zh3us: Dude, all of us are non-professional photographers. Professional photographers actually get paid to take photos. As far as I know only a few figure bloggers actually have photography as a profession. All of us have it as a hobby :3 others may have advantage over us in terms of equipment and experience… but I’m pretty sure they also started with only getting average shots.

    Don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll be able to improve gradually ^^ I’ve seen your photos improve :)

    Thank you! Happy new year too! ^^

    @LEon: Thank you! :3 I look forward for more entries in your blog as well! Also, if there’s a possibility that I’ll visit Sg, I’ll inform you XD

    @moemoekyun: Happy New year to you too! :3

    • 7 Guy January 3, 2010 at 5:13 AM

      Everyone seems to miss my Figure Friday posts :-/

      I miss having them written, but I don’t exactly miss writing them. I don’t think people realize they took 6-10 hours per post, and a couple of times more…

  7. 8 Bablet16 January 5, 2010 at 8:22 AM

    looking forward to the future,
    lets hope for happy times!
    and if things go crappy, remember this comment of mine

  8. 9 anonymous_object January 6, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    Hey, good to see you posting again ^^. I know how it is getting busy with real life obligations which makes blogging a lower priority. I hope to see you post more when you get a chance ^^.

    Well, happy new year and congratulations on the success of your blog so far :). I hope you are able to acquire a netbook soon. I’m actually thinking of selling mine and getting a full-size laptop ^^;

  9. 10 Ninjovee January 7, 2010 at 11:45 AM

    @Guy: I do understand what you mean… you have to browse around for figure updates and sometimes there seems to be a lot every week… and the time for deciding about which figures you like and writing about why you like them takes time too… but I still miss them!

    @Bablet16: Thank you!

    @anonymous_object: Thank you! :3 I do miss blogging but at the same time, RL makes me too exhausted when I do finally get some time in front of my own PC TAT;

    Hahaha! I actually have a full size laptop that has been with me for already 5 years… it’s too heavy for me to be bringing around everyday (just for personal internet use) and it’s age is starting to show… so I’m opting for a netbook this time.

  10. 11 oneandonlyjem January 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    Happy New Year to you, too! On ward to bright and interesting things hidden in 2010!

  11. 13 lightningsabre January 12, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    Whoah I found this too late… I haven’t been following much of my blog list >_< I think I'll add you to the follow list ^^;;

    Ah don't worry about lack of figures. I think quality is better than quantity. I know I have too much now, but I can't seem to stop XD

    And good luck trying to get out of NEET-dom! Looks like you're on your way from what I saw in your tweets :)

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