I’m afraid for OTACOOL 2

Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

We all know who Konata is cosplaying as. Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

Well, a few days ago, I was pondering over submitting my own entry at OTACOOL 2. I even tweeted about it (and some of you replied). Well, as of now, I decided that with all the awesome entries for OTACOOL 2, not to mention that most of the cosplayers actually make their costumes — and not simple ones at that — makes my submission moot. Since I know that my underwhelming cosplays would probably not make it even in a single page of OTACOOL 2. ^^;

So, why am I afraid with the fate of OTACOOL 2 when there are so many awesome cosplayers submitting their entries?

It’s because some people… especially the ones who are CHOOSING which entries are going to be inside that book, seem to be missing the actual point of cosplaying.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, I’m talking about Danny’s recent and only feature of a cosplayer who sent her entry for OTACOOL 2.

Yes, the cosplayer in question is pretty, I’ll have to admit that. But, the way I see her photos, it makes me think she’s doing a photoshoot for a gravure instead of a cosplay photobook. No characterization at all (or maybe because the character is a little lewd, that’s what she was trying to portray) but nonetheless, what she posted would be good for a gravure, but NOT for a book that shows what cosplay is about, in my opinion.

I’m pretty glad that I’m not alone in these sentiments as there are some who actually commented about Danny’s choice and some who are pretty passionately angry about it. I’m not really angry about it since we can never deny that we would always and forever be attracted to shiny and pretty things, but I’m disappointed that out of all the cosplay entries that have been submitted, *this* is what have caught Danny’s eyes. The only thing I could see as to why she caught his eyes is, she’s pretty. That is all.

This is of great concern to me, since, if prettiness was one of the pre-requisites of being included in OTACOOL, why not ask Kipi to be in there instead of asking for cosplayers to send in their entries? … oh wait, I know… because regular cosplayers would do it for free.

There are no questions asked that Alodia is going to be in OTACOOL, but I don’t really have objections about that. Because, even though I disagree with some of her beliefs in cosplaying, she is truly dedicated with her cosplays. She doesn’t make her costumes, but she makes up with her portrayal of the characters in the photoshoots. I discovered her first when she was cosplaying Misa from Death Note and the photos they had for their Death Note cosplay were awesome. I’m actually friends with a lot of people who are against Alodia — or maybe just against the Alodiatards — but I’m trying to stay neutral about it. The only thing I really dislike about Alodia’s journey in cosplay is that she doesn’t try to clear the misconceptions born from the various press she has about cosplaying, but that’s pretty much it. I would like to discuss that further, but I’m straying from the point of this post.

Back to Danny’s feature, I’m also saddened that people who replied mostly took notice of how pretty she was, and that’s reason enough to put her in OTACOOL? I surfed through a bunch of OTACOOL entries and see lots of entries where they actually DESERVE a spot or at least, get nominated for a spot, but they have an underwhelming number of comments, not to mention views. Considering the number of visits in DC.com and figure.fm everyday, a post having 5-10k views doesn’t really merit the post as a popular post, and most of these cosplayers have less that 5k views… there are some who have more, but usually it’s either because they’re known in deviantArt, or they cosplayed a character with a huge fanbase.

After browsing a couple of pages from OTACOOL2 search results, here are some of the cosplayers I think would do great for OTACOOL 2 (click on the photos to go to their OTACOOL submission):

tyas khrisnan

tyas khrisnan






Pinky Lu Xun

Sode no Shirayuki

Tuxedo Team


Mr. Kitty

I chose from the first few pages, because of time constraints… but I assure you, there are LOTS of cosplayers that truly show their dedication in cosplaying as a hobby, starting from making the costumes, to portraying them in conventions and photos. You can find them not only in these OTACOOL 2 entries,  but in other pats of the net as well. I hope that the folks who are in charge of OTACOOL 2 would do justice to their selections, because they’re selecting representatives for the Worldwide cosplay community and it’s shouldn’t be based on sheer subjective preferences alone.


38 Responses to “I’m afraid for OTACOOL 2”

  1. 1 moemoekyun February 19, 2010 at 12:20 PM

    this distrubing me but our proudly “otaku king” dannychoo I really enjoyed his post last 2.5 years but something different this past 8 months well danny’s company already became and add for bandai,GSC,koto,etc (danny’s team design their websites) that’s why I move to blogging world I found something else other than DC.com and figure.fm now danny became nothing other than advertisement to milking folks in DC.com and figure.fm it’s so different than first time visit DC.com 2-3 years ago danny totally became slave of all japs toymaker nowdays I enjoy his photowalk I knew he don’t really like anime that much but he working for them otacool prove that or even more soon danny became chairman of GSC all his polls in DC.com just to vote the famous items that will milk us (this just my tho since I visit DC.com since a long time ago) but true DC.com is nothing than add of japan toy maker nowdays (I want to write this since 3 months ago but don’t dare lolz) well this only me or the others feel the same I found DC.com early 2007 and it’s turn into add (just add) nowdays
    same with otacooool or whtover it’s just add for businnes

    • 2 Tommy June 25, 2010 at 2:35 PM

      I totally agree with you. I started reading DC.com in ’08 and really enjoyed reading those tokyo and figure pre/review posts there. But his site started to deteriorate into nothing but another advertising site that’s hardly worth my time anymore. There’s more advertisements there than Times Square.

      As you mentioned, everything he posted since I stopped visiting 4-5 months ago were about his business partners and less about figures/tokyo/japan. I still remember his Alter bashing comment when he said Good Smile Figures were much better than Alter’s in terms of paint job and quality. My reaction was “REALLY?” Alter probably declined his business proposal.

      As for the Otacool thing, it’s just another ploy to milk our money. Since more entries = more money for them. They’ll probably feature everyone who participated in thumbnail size pics in that book just so you’d buy the book. And they’ll probably advertise the book with pro/semi-pro cosplayers so people will buy it because they think it’s a world-wide gravure.

      Ninjovee: Don’t sweat about being banned from DC.com, it’s probably for the better. XD

  2. 3 kittyboo June 5, 2010 at 3:35 AM

    Those pictures that you posted are really great.


    • 4 Ninjovee June 6, 2010 at 10:26 AM

      Thank you.

      Jin did qualify AFAIK. I was mentioning that DC never featured a lot of cosplayers in DC.com, not OTACOOL, and the ones he did feature, seem to be out of his tastes for girls and not their cosplays.

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