Looking forward to 2011

Hello everyone~! How was the first few days of your new year? For those who have started off the new year with a bang — good for you! And for those who have started it on bad terms — I hope that things will look up for you in the days to come! As for me? My first few days of the new year were fine, but it wasn’t spectacular.

FMA 2011 Calendar Get ^^

Loot-wise though, I was quite happy that I got my FMA calendar that I’ve been waiting for since Mid-November had arrived in time to greet the new year! I was so scared that it was lost in the mail, like how my prize from Akihabaka had turned out. But thankfully, it got here alright! It’s now hanging temporarily with my blinds because I am still looking for a nice spot for it to hang on.

One of my various loot pics last year

As this is my first post in 2011, I feel like it’s mandatory to look back at some highlights from last year. Lootwise, I feel like I’ve seriously spent a lot on my collection in 2010. During 2009, I already had several nendoroids and a few figmas in my collection, but now I have a full nendo puchi set, a few scaled figures and a few exclusive figures in my collection — not to mention the number of my nendos must have doubled since last year and that I had an unexpected doll haul in one swoop.

I’ve also ranted about Otacool 2 which probably led me to the questionable lack of access to my DC.com account. Even though that happened, I’ve gotten to talk to one of the most wonderful cosplayers I’ve encountered — and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need any further introduction =) I’m amused though that WordPress “told” me that the interview entry was the most visited entry in my blog for the year 2010. That was something! I really should think of someone to interview for my In Focus series again.

OMG. I'm really in a book! XDD

Ironically enough though I posted photos of my then workplace for Otacool 3, pretty much as a jest because I thought I wouldn’t get in. Funnily enough, I did get in as you can see in the photo below — thanks to Akitafuki for scanning his own copy of the book!

My room a few months ago

What was published was just the nice looking part of my workplace though. Ironically, a couple of weeks after I took photos and posted them on Figure.fm, the old computer was given away, so that part of the room was permanently taken out anyway. Maybe Koto was onto something when they didn’t show it… or maybe it’s just because it wasn’t nice to look at.

How part of my room looks now

Now my workplace looks like what you see in the above photo. I’ve just taken this photo a couple of days ago. As you can see, it seems like nothing much has changed, but there are subtle changes. Can you spot the differences? =)

This place is next door to my office =D

This place is next door to my office =D

Physical differences aside though, the biggest difference between my Otacool 3 entry and the current state of my workplace is that, this room is not my workplace anymore. If you have been seeing my recent tweets — yes I’ve been more active in twitter ~_~; — I’ve been lucky enough to get a decent job. Although it does mean less to no money for me to spend on my figure collecting — but I have a good enough backlog to last me a year — or maybe two if I’m lazy as usual — of reviews. This has been one of the biggest highlights of the year for me.


Merlion Fountain~!

Another personal highlight, although I think I’ve only really mentioned it in Twitter, is that I went on a trip to Singapore. More like I went to Singapore to board a cruise ship and spent a couple of days after the cruise in Singapore. Coincidentally, while I was in Singapore, AFA was happening. I was with my parents at the time so I did not really have the opportunity to go to AFA because we went to different tourist spots instead. I somehow regret not going because I wanted to see how cons were overseas, not to mention I wanted to meet some of the people behind the blogs and the twitter accounts I read on the internet. I really loved Singapore and would want to go back, even if it’s only to try to attend AFA next time.

Manga and anime-wise, the highlight of the year for me was definitely Fullmetal Alchemist. Both the manga and FMA: Brotherhood. It was truly a masterpiece and I really loved it. I know I would probably be at odds with most of K-On! fans if I were to say that FMA is the best anime for 2010 in my opinion, but I clearly stand by that. I love K-On! and Houkago Tea Time, but I love FMA more. I never missed a week without watching the latest episode of FMA whereas I let K-On! become part of my backlog for a while. Some other notable series from the top of my mind are: Kimi ni Todoke — which the second season would be starting this week, if I’m not mistaken, Nodame Cantabile: Finale, Ore no Imouto, Nurarihyon no Mago, Kuragehime and The World God Only Knows. As for OVAs and movies, the only ones that I’ve watched are Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, Black Rock Shooter and Detective Conan Movie 14. I haven’t watched Fate Unlimited Works and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya yet, but I would be watching them soon.

It has been… two months since my last entry. I blame this mostly because of my trip to SG and going head-on with my new job. My training is to end this week so I might be busier then, but I am trying to manage my time more instead of just lazing around when I get back to my dormitory. Also, I have to blame Dissidia for pre-occupying me most of the time now. That game is highly addicting! I don’t even own the PSP I’m using. LOL.

So, after looking back at last year — now what? Usually a lot of people have new year’s resolutions. Yes I kind of have that too — but I’ve resolved to make them into goals instead of just wishful resolutions. I’ve read a few articles about the same thing before, and fellow blogger Radiant Dreamer has his own two cents about it too. As for myself, I’ve always considered procrastination my biggest enemy against my goals, but I’m trying my best to overcome that! So far, I’ve got a list of goals I’ve set for myself:

-To blog in TanTango at least twice a month
-To be able to review a figure at least once every two months
-To be able to write at least a simple paragraph again in Japanese by March.
-To be able to save at least 500PHP a week
-To be able to have a good discernment on what to buy for my collection a.k.a. requirements
-To be able to read and finish at least one book a month
-To be able to watch a movie at least once a month
-To be able to finish a game OTL

It’s quite a list, but I’m hoping I can do at least some of these if not all. I don’t have any idea for any work-related goals yet though, but I’m still trying to feel how work is going to be for me — so I will be adding that later on. Hopefully though, my determination to stick to achieving my goal would be accomplished and hopefully no spells of lethargy or May sickness would get in the way!

How about you? Do you have your own list of goals or resolutions you want to complete for the new year?

13 Responses to “Looking forward to 2011”

  1. 1 radiant January 4, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    Happy New Year, Ninjovee! Looking at your list of goals, that’s going to be quite the resolution! Have you planned out how you’re going to make these accomplish-able? There are only 24hrs in a day, so it helps to get a good idea whether or not your goals can be realistically achieved!

    Figure out how long it takes on average to write a blog post, how many wpm or ppm you can read, and figure out how much free time you’ll have per month to dedicate to these goals!

    Interesting to see you’re hooked on Dissidia. I honestly couldn’t get into it. 5hrs in, I was bored. The plot was lacking to me as well. I was really stoked about Dissidia when I saw the youtube videos. Dunno what happened that made me so disappointed in it. :(

    It’s a shame we didn’t get to meet up in Singapore, so hopefully next time. You know there are three merlions in Singapore? There’s a small fountain, a bigger fountain, and a giant tower of a merlion at Sentosa! You can climb up that one and see the whole island from there.

    • 2 Ninjovee January 5, 2011 at 9:48 AM

      So far, I’ve only planned out on how I’m going to manage my blog updates. My goals are mostly monthly so I think I will be able to manage. ^^ I think my greatest challenge would be managing to self-study Japanese — I did buy the Genki textbooks when I was in Singapore to help me with that though!

      For books, I can finish a normal pocketbook within two to three days, and as for blog posts, I think I can write a full-length blog post in 2 hours and it’s the uploading, formatting and editing that takes me a bit longer. Movies are not much of a big deal since they’re more or less 2-3 hours ^^ As for a game, my only aim is to finish at least one in a year because I’m a pretty poor player when it comes to finishing games — even the ones I’m addicted to.

      As for Dissidia, I feel that the plot was quite lacking too, but what drew me in was the challenge of using the characters. Usually fighting games are only done in a linear stage where it is limited. Dissidia on the other hand reminds me of the battles in Kingdom Hearts where you can move freely within a wide space. It’s also challenging to switch from one character to another because you have to change your strategy for each character you use. Although the plot was lacking in the story mode, I loved the characterization of the characters. Especially Tidus, Zidane and Bartz. I even laughed at how Cloud and Squall were so emo. Haha I think I can write an entire entry about Dissidia now, that’s just how much I love it ^^ They say that the upcoming Dissidia Duodecim would be a prequel that would fill in the plot lacking in the first game. Maybe you should wait for it and try playing it when it’s released?

      Yes, it is quite a shame that we weren’t able to meet up in SG :c and yes! I’ve seen all three Merlions! I haven’t gone up the Giant Merlion though because we got lazy XD but I do have pictures of all three XD

  2. 3 LEon January 4, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Happy new year. I hope to see more regular update of your blog. Is your goal for the blog or for yourself? Why no earn more money as a goal? XP

    • 4 Ninjovee January 5, 2011 at 9:51 AM

      Happy new year to you too~! =D Hopefully, I can really update my blog more now~! And the goals I have are both for myself and the blog =)

      As for earning more money as a resolution, I don’t want to even think about trying to make more money for now. That would mean more work — and I would want to live for my enjoyment and not live to work. ^^;

  3. 5 shoutakuya January 4, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    Hope you have a good year this 2011 ^0^

    My prize from Akihabaka didn’t arrive either T^T

    • 6 Ninjovee January 5, 2011 at 9:52 AM

      Thank you~!
      Yes, I think we’ve talked about that in twitter. Unfortunately, it seems like our local post office has a grudge against our prizes :c

  4. 7 Yi January 5, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Sounds like you had a pretty busy year. New job, Singapore, and stuff. Anyway, have a lovely 2011 and good luck with your resolutions. I hope to continue hearing from you either on this blog or on Twitter. ^ ^

    • 8 Ninjovee January 5, 2011 at 1:24 PM

      That’s actually just the latter part of the year! I feel like I’ve done much more in the past 3 months than the rest of 2010. ^^

      Thank you~! Have a lovely 2011 too~! =) I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me in your blog now and then too! I read most of your blog posts even if I don’t comment =)

  5. 9 lovelyduckie January 8, 2011 at 3:04 AM

    I love the petit nendoroid display boxes you have, I wouldn’t mind finidng one or two of those myself.

    • 10 lovelyduckie January 8, 2011 at 3:06 AM

      Oh shoot I forgot to say the most important part I am SO jealous you have Riza and Roy from that set! I pre-ordered them but the store I was going to buy them through didn’t end up getting any! Well at least I had Ed and Al.

    • 11 Ninjovee January 8, 2011 at 10:36 AM

      They’re really awesome~! And not that expensive too XD
      Actually, Crimotaku saw this and when he wasn’t able to find one exactly like it, he went out to make his own XDD

      As for my FMA Deformaniacs… I just happened upon someone selling all four of them that I jumped at the chance! They’re second hand but I’m okay with it because they look like new to me! They just don’t have their boxes :3 I’m pretty happy that I was able to buy them at all! ^^

  6. 12 tabetaiii January 8, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    Ah I also agree, FMA was really one of the best anime for 2010. It didn’t lose its focus with fillers and what not. I also heard it followed the manga adaptation very well, which most anime these days aren’t able to do.

    The FMA calendar looks nice;) , here’s a link to the Kimi ni Todoke calendar you were interested in http://goo.gl/6TQNY

    Congrats for making it into otacool 3 ;) sadly I didn’t make it in^^” since my pictures + workplace looked horrible^^”

    I’ve spent quite a lot this year too with figures as opposed to last year, you just can’t stop buying figures^^’

    Anyways a late happy new year to you too!

    • 13 Ninjovee January 8, 2011 at 12:28 PM

      I’ve read the manga to the latest chapter before Brotherhood started airing and then simultaneously read each manga chapter scanlated while watching the series and I affirm that the animation was really, really faithful to the manga. I think there were a couple of fillers but, it wasn’t detrimental to the story as they weren’t too long and they let us know more about the characters ^^

      Thanks for the link! I’m trying to save money though, so I probably won’t end up buying the calendar because I feel that if I order now, it would reach me by February already! Haha! If they make one for next year though, I might buy one :D

      Thanks! ^^ My room wasn’t much but I guess they liked the full nendo display on both my desk and my monitor. Haha! I don’t think people would even take too long looking at the pages with very small photos in them.

      I’ve been trying very hard to limit my pre-orders! Especially now that Hobby Search has implemented a new cancellation policy. I can’t pre-order and cancel on a whim now ^^; then again, there’s still HLJ for that. =D

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