Review: Nendoroid Petit Aisaka Taiga

As the year of the Tai– Tiger nears to a close this coming February, let me present to you a review of two incarnations of Toradora!’s Aisaka Taiga in adorable Nendoroid Puchi form! That’s right! I’ll be reviewing both versions of the Aisaka Taiga Nendoroid Puchis namely the Seifuku version bundled with the Cross of Venus game and the School swimsuit version bundled with Toradora! Portable.

To be honest, I don’t have either of the games, nor do I know what they are about. I had to look up to Sir Wiki for assistance regarding the games. I do know of Toradora! as a series though and I love Taiga to bits. This is why when I saw an opportunity to get these lovelies in one fell swoop in a auction, I took the chance! The only downside of this though is that they were brand new, but didn’t come with their boxes — not much of a setback, in my opinion. So, for this review, I shall disregard the packaging criteria since it’s not really relevant now, but I will link some places that do show the packaging for those who are curious.


Basic Information
Figure name: Nendoroid Petit: Aisaka Taiga (Seifuku ver.)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Character: Aisaka Taiga
Origin: Toradora!
Run: Exclusive/Bundled with Cross of Venus Game
Original Price: ¥10290
More information:
Photo of Package: Flickr


Basic Information
Figure name: Nendoroid Petit: Aisaka Taiga (Swimsuit ver.)
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Character: Aisaka Taiga
Origin: Toradora!
Run: Exclusive/Bundled with Toradora! Portable
Original Price: ¥9800
More information:
Photo of Package: Neko Magic


First in the review is the Seifuku version of Taiga. We always see her in her high school uniform most of the time in the series. Her trusty bokken that she somehow hides under her uniform, is also with her in this Nendo puchi version. She does not have alternate hands like how the newer nendo puchi sets do, but Taiga’s hands are removable, which suggests that they could be interchanged with other nendo puchi hands, if there are any.


Included in her ensemble is a spare skirt and spare headpiece that sports Taiga-mimi and Taiga-o, which she can wear for an alternate look. I don’t recall any official art depicting her with the Tiger ears and tail, but I’m pretty sure they are very cute and welcome additions to fans, since she’s been drawn with them in doujinshis. She is, afterall, dubbed as Tenori Taiga (Palmtop Tiger) in the series.


Here is Taiga with her tiger add-ons. She is quite adorable! As far as I can recall, the other Cross of Venus Nendoroid Puchi have their own extra accessories too, which is probably why Taiga has these extras. I’m quite happy with them since they add extra fun and cuteness to this nendo puchi.


To those who just owned a nendo puchi Taiga, or are planning to get her and encounter this, the tiger ears really will overlap onto the back hairpiece. When I was trying to put them on her at first, I thought it was strange that they don’t go in quickly, but after giving a little bit more force into it, the hairpiece fits. The fit is good that you won’t be afraid of it suddenly falling off from her face.


Here you can see Taiga’s back. As always seen on nendo puchis, there’s a small hole on the back of her hair for the stand to come in. There’s also one behind her back, which is where the peg of her stand is at the moment.


Next up, we have the swimsuit version nendo puchi. Taiga was first seen with her school swimsuit and her cute odango hairdo in episode 8 of the series. She looks cute with her arms crossed and signature pout. Although you cannot move her arms since they are in this crossed-arm pose, I do like it because there is no fuss in assembling her and the pose itself gives a certain kind of expression.


Here is a preview of Taiga from behind. I love how her hair has some good detail since there’s not much detail that one can put on her school swimsuit.


Taiga also has a white jacket (also seen in the anime) which can be attached onto her back (as seen in the other photos). When I saw photos of her online though, I’ve always thought that the jacket was a towel of some sort.


Now, the fun thing with nendo puchis is that, you can mix and match them just like regular-sized nendos! Here’s a shot of swimsuit Taiga with her hair down.


It was kind of disappointing when I did try to switch the faces of the two, since as you can see in the above photo, the face for swimsuit Taiga, does not fit in the mold of her seifuku version — it’s also the same with her seifuku version, which is a bit weird, in my opinion. I wish that GSC had the face molds similar since they’re nendo puchis of just one character.


Here is a photo of the two Taiga puchis together~! Adorable, adorable things! They’re currently residing on my desk, along with part of my nendo-army ^^.
Oh, and before I forget there are price details, which I’ve forgotten to mention earlier. Although I’ve bought both these puchis at the same price during the auction, when I was hunting around YJA before, swimsuit Taiga was much harder to find that seifuku Taiga and more often than not, more expensive as well. I think this is due to the fact that swimsuit Taiga is bundled alone with a game as compared to seifuku Taiga which is bundled with three more nendo puchi. Still, their price is more expensive than regular nendo puchis because of their exclusivity.

Without further ado, here are my grades for this review!

Review Statistics Seifuku ver. Swimsuit ver.
Design: ★★★★★ ★★★★
Both renditions of Taiga are very cute and very true to the series. Her seifuku version has a plus though since she has alternate parts.
Posing: ★★★★★ ★★★★★
I give both five stars in terms of posing. Five for the swimsuit ver, since she’s simple enough to assemble and yet her pose gives enough expression even if it stays that way. As for the seifuku ver., her extra accessories gives different alternatives, and her removable hands makes it possible to mix and match with other puchis.
Enjoyment: ★★★★★ ★★★★★
It’s Taiga. She’s cute and I love her to bits. This is a bit biased, but I definitely give five stars for both.
Value for Money: ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Both are exclusive figures, that being said, if you’re not interested in the games, you would have to search for them and pay a bit more extra just to get them. I give them both three stars. They’re pretty much worth every penny I paid for in my book, though.
Overall Rating: ★★★★★ ★★★★
As a Toradora! and Taiga fanatic, I personally feel happy getting both puchis. But if you are a fan on a budget though, I highly recommend getting the seifuku version of Taiga since you can do more with her, for possibly less than what you might pay for swimsuit Taiga. I think it’s still a matter of preference though if you would pay a lot for these puchis since they’re exclusives.

And there you have it! Thank you very much for reading my review of my Taiga nendo puchis! As usual, comments and suggestions are always appreciated! ^^

And as a bonus — and because I love playing with Taiga, here are some outtake photos for you all~!





Any favorites from the bunch? :3 Oh, and please let me know how the photos look! I’ve forgotten that I adjusted the exposure of my camera to +1 because the places I take pictures of look dim and I forgot to turn it off… I only realized when I was finishing up — which is why there’s only one photo in this entry with the right color for the background =w=;;

12 Responses to “Review: Nendoroid Petit Aisaka Taiga”

  1. 1 lovelyduckie January 8, 2011 at 3:09 AM

    Taiga looks cute in cosplay! But my all time favorite Taiga figure is still that first Max Factory one. I just love it!

    • 2 Ninjovee January 8, 2011 at 11:05 AM

      Oh! I love that figure too! Just that I don’t see her or, if I do see her, she’s too expensive :c I do have Wave’s Misscon figure and the Chinese Dress version is on its way here. I think the Chara-ani version is a nice Taiga figure as well. It’s so sad that most Taiga figures are so rare and hard to find T_T;;;

      I was looking up Max Factory Taiga and then I saw this. They’re making another Nendo Puchi that’s exclusive T____T; makes me wish they’d make a regular-sized nendo (that’s not exclusive) already.

      • 3 lovelyduckie January 12, 2011 at 2:22 AM

        Honestly…I’ve given up on exclusive items almost completely. I say ALMOST completely because I will go out of my way every once in a while for a good Alter exclusive. Luckily Alter exclusives that I’m interested in are rarer.

      • 4 Ninjovee January 13, 2011 at 10:33 AM

        I haven’t had the chance to get Alter exclusives yet, but you are right that Alter rarely does release exclusives. Almost all Taiga figures are exclusive or just hard to find though and it kinda sucks :c

  2. 5 Yi January 8, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    Love those outtake photos, especially the purple dress one.

    Anyways, the tiger add-ons are awesome!! She’s adorable with the tail and ears. ^ ^

    Wonderful review.

  3. 7 radiant January 10, 2011 at 4:05 AM

    Good stuff! I do like the school uniform version of her, though I like the swimsuit version’s face more. How come no shots of the two swapped faces? :O

    At the time when these came out, I wasn’t that big of a Tora Dora fan, and also wasn’t into Puchis. Now however… :(

    At least I did manage to get the Max Factory version of Taiga, and at a pretty decent price too! ^^

    Is Tora Dora Portable a visual novel? Or is it more of a dating sim? Or am I totally wrong?! O_O

    • 8 Ninjovee January 13, 2011 at 10:31 AM

      No shots of the swapped faces because the hair pieces keep falling D: I will do that one of these days though.

      At least you have the MF version! That is so hard to find these days! I want that too, actually! But I haven’t started figure collecting yet during that time :c So I have to content myself with her Misscon version and the China dress version (which is still in transit aotm T_T;;)

      I’m unsure what category it falls through but I think it’s more of a visual novel? There are mini-games as well, from what I’ve seen from the screenshots I found in Google.

  4. 9 Fabrice January 15, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    For some reason the swimsuit version clearly catches my eye, i havent seem much good taiga figures to be honest, well im picky XD

    so ye the swimsuit version is clearly my fav, love the face, the hair, ^^

    • 10 Ninjovee January 16, 2011 at 3:00 PM

      The swimsuit version is definitely adorable! I do agree that good Taiga figures are scarce. Actually, Toradora figures are really very limited o.o;

      I can’t choose between the two, really. They have their own charms! It doesn’t help that there’s an upcoming Taiga Nenpuchi with her other school uniform this time ><;;

  5. 11 anonymous_object January 26, 2011 at 2:03 AM

    Awww, so cute. I want these! Why did they have to be exclusives? >_< I really hope they do a full-size Taiga Nendoroid but if they haven't done it yet, they probably won't be doing it :(

    • 12 Ninjovee January 26, 2011 at 1:52 PM

      It’s so frustrating that they’re exclusives! And they made another puchi nendo Taiga and it’s *another* exclusive. She’s so adorable though, so I might cave in anyway! :( I wish they would make a full-sized Taiga nendo too, but they might make her into an exclusive… *again* T_T;

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