GOSICK First Impression: Holmes as a Loli?

So, the winter anime season has started off last week and although I was hyped up to watch the second season of Kimi ni Todoke, the ‘first’ episode for the second season was called to be a recap. I did not have any other anime in mind to watch besides KimiTodo. So, after looking through the Winter 2011 chart provided by cowboybibimbop, GOSICK was one of the very few that got me interested in watching.

The story is set in 1924 in a small fictional country in Europe called Sauville. It starts off with Kujo Kazuya who is a foreign exchange student who got into St. Marguerite Academy because ‘Sauville saw potential in his grades and intellect’; as what the letter he got from his brother states in the beginning. Honestly, I find it amusing at how most lead characters in most anime turn out to be Japanese, or part-Japanese because of some circumstance — but I’ve seen quite a lot of it that I let that slide so I can see the full potential of the story.

Kujo is known in the academy as the “Dark Reaper” because he is the only student with dark colored hair and eyes — the description kind of reminds me of Yuuri from Kyo Kara Maoh! But in the anime, his hair and eyes look brown most of the time — even though the characters say that they’re black. Then again, if they were colored black as well, he’d look very flat because his uniform is mostly black.

The people in Sauville are said to be quite fond of gothic literature. Also known as, stories about ghosts and the supernatural. This is why Kujo was dubbed as a Reaper. Somehow, because of his teacher’s convincing, Kujo wanders off into the huge library tower so that he could research more about ghost stories — and possibly talk about it with his schoolmates. But instead, he stumbles into the small doll-like Victorique in a flower garden at the top floor of the library.

I’m pretty sure those who have watched Dance in the Vampire Bund will find Victorique’s voice to be very familiar, that’s because Victorique shares the same seiyuu as Mina Tepes. I think that’s not the only thing they share though. They seem to have similar temperaments as well — but not all of them, of course.

You will probably wonder why I have titled this blog entry like this? Well, right after Kujo’s ‘fateful’ first meeting with Victorique, he again returns to the tower — yes, I think I’m going to call the library as a tower instead — to meet with her. A short while after, the blonde man with the hair that can pierce the heavens, appears and starts talking to Kujo about a certain murder case — when he is obviously trying to tell it to Victorique. When Kujo asks her about him, she introduces him to us as Inspector Grevil de Blois.

This is the part where the episode starts to get interesting. Grevil only tells Victorique about details of the murder case — and Victorique sometimes shoots some questions at him — which he has answered, and when Grevil has finished his tirade Victorique has already figured out who the culprit is!

This is what has struck me the most while I was watching the episode. It really reminded me much of Sherlock Holmes, as he was written mostly in the same way. He did not need to go out of his room to solve a very ‘simple’ case and only need to hear of the details. It also doesn’t help that Victorique sports a bubble pipe with her as most depictions of Sherlock Holmes show him smoking through a pipe.

Victorique also shares that she uses the ‘fountain of wisdom’ inside her and reconstruct them into the truth. Although at first it would seem like it’s something magical, it makes more sense when it’s related to Holmes as he does something similar when he tries to solve cases. I’m pretty much a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and Holmes-inspired series that I’ve pretty much feel that this series feels like it is Holmes-inspired as well, despite the lack of evidence that says so. I picked up quite a few hints like what I’ve mentioned above.

Also, I would like to add the fact that Victorique is definitely someone who gets bored quite a lot and it seems that one of the few sources of her entertainment is when Grevil consults her about different crimes that take place in Sauville.

Grevil actually reminds me of Inspector Lestrade as Lestrade always consults with Holmes when they could not find any more leads in certain cases. Of course, like Lestrade, Grevil takes the credit for giving out deductions that are not his own. Victorique does not seem to mind at all, while Kujo found this a bit annoying since Grevil takes the credit, and some rewards to boot.

It is hinted all throughout the episode that Victorique rarely spends time outdoors and even does not know what ice cream is. It also seems that she is quite ignorant of carriages and thinks that Kujo has summoned one through magic, or that the carriage driver was his servant. This quite reminds me of how Holmes lacks knowledge that most of us find common — an example of which is that the world is spherical and not flat.

Of course, with all these hints, I can only just assume that the series — or maybe the light novels where the series is based from is inspired from Sherlock Holmes. I’m keeping my hopes up that this anime would not be a let down and just plain fanservice for those who love lolis. It also helps quite a lot that Bones did a good job in animation and the illustrations, like the screenshot above, are just lovely. Although I’m hearing some people who are not liking the series at all, I am quite psyched to see the next episode and what adventures would Kujo and Victorique have next. I’m also interested in picking up the light novels since I’ve read that Tokyopop has licensed them.

So, dear readers, have you seen GOSICK yet? I really think the title was meant to be Gothic though and that Engrish got the best of the title. ^^;; What do you think of it?

12 Responses to “GOSICK First Impression: Holmes as a Loli?”

  1. 1 Altsune January 12, 2011 at 10:50 PM

    Oooh, I’ll be sure to give this a shot! I’ve never even heard of it, honestly :o

    • 2 Ninjovee January 13, 2011 at 10:24 AM

      Well, you could always check this season’s anime chart! =D I’ve linked it in the post.
      It seems like a promising series to me. I do hope it doesn’t fall short of expectations though!

  2. 3 shoutakuya January 13, 2011 at 10:25 AM

    haha~ I think Gosick means Gothic too~

    If you read it in nihon words, it is Goshiku xD

  3. 4 Yi January 13, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    Her rolling around on the ground is the best thing in this episode. Anyway, the influences/ resemblance to Sherlock Holmes is uncanny, especially that pipe.

    Anyway, so far, it looks gorgeous though: the characters, the surroundings, gothic lolita clothes, lolis. It’s probably going to end up my favorite show this season.

    • 5 Ninjovee January 16, 2011 at 8:41 AM

      Oh yes~! I loved that too! So adorable~! Along with her asking about ice cream and the carriage! She kind of reminds me of Shinku actually. Being blonde and in goth loli reminds me of her more too ^^

      I think this would be one of my favorites this season as well! ^^

  4. 6 hoshiko January 15, 2011 at 12:31 PM

    I’ll be watching this too since I’m a sucker for detective stories and anything loaded with mysteries. I have high expectations for Gosick, really.

    The artwork is amazing here. I like how the setting is in Europe, back in the 1920s. I always have soft spot movies like that. >.<

  5. 8 Bablet January 19, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Sounds good, sounds good…

    They got a Moriarty character yet?

  6. 10 lovelyduckie January 28, 2011 at 6:01 AM

    I like detective tales so I’ll keep it on my radar.

  7. 11 Romeo February 13, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    Victorique’s “aisobitai” moments are priceless. It’s enough to make look forward to it in every episode. Kujo is quite intriguing himself. It’s like his actions are peered from a curious watcher. LOL.

  8. 12 dakuro October 25, 2011 at 4:49 AM

    Yeah is holmes in little girl version, but at least this story have some kind of drama and mystery which is cool, for me the anime was very cool and the final scene when they find each other again was very cute =D

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