Review: Banpresto K-On! PV Costume ~Ver. 2~ Kotobuki Tsumugi

Hello everyone~! It’s been a while since I posted. I thought that if I left my “Last Loot Post” post on for too long people might think I’ve really stopped blogging! ><; But of course, like I have mentioned in that post (for those who have bothered to read it) it’s only a pseudo-hiatus of buying figures like there’s no tomorrow for me. I’m still a collector, but not as active as others out there. Now~ I’ve started taking a look at some of the figures that I’ve left in their boxes for far too long and this lovely is one of them! Today’s short and sweet review features a prize figure of Mugi-chan from Banpresto (OMG GASP, it’s not a nendo review!)

Let me share with you a little bit about this very awesome series of prize figures. Honestly I think this is one of the few versions that have been drowned out from the K-On! figure flood. Seeing as almost all companies are trying to milk the K-On! cash cow, prize figures are never really that well-known compared to scaled figures (which we have several versions of by now). It is actually the same with this outfit. It got overlooked because of the numerous outfits that we K-On! fans see like the Don’t Say Lazy! outfits and the Cultural festival outfits. This is actually canon since it was shown on episode 6 of the first season — while they were playing Fuwa Fuwa Time during the cultural festival. Doesn’t sound familiar? It’s also known as the ricebowl episode, if that rings a bell to you. Sometime last year, I actually tweeted wishing that they would make figures based on those outfits and suddenly, a week after I found it on pre-order in Otacute and AmiAmi. I missed pre-ordering them though, so I got them from YJA — why them? Because I have the whole set. I shall be reviewing the rest of the Keionbu in future posts.


Basic Information
Figure name: PV Costume Version 2 Kotobuki Tsumugi
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Character: Kotobuki Tsumugi
Origin: K-On!
Run: Prize
Original Price: ¥1500 (for a set of 2. Mugi and Mio)
More information:


Most of you probably know by now that Mugi is my favorite K-On! character. I love her because of her love of cakes, tea and pulling off very fashionable looks. Her mannerisms as a rich girl who does not know how the real world works is quite amusing too. Although it makes me wonder why she takes the train and not have some kind of limo to school.


I love how her outfit is quite colorful and yet it’s not garishly bright. The pastel hues are cute and all the white accessories are adorable as well. One of the things that I loved about this figure is her expression. As I have mentioned, Mugi only appears in this outfit once in the series and we never get to see her in it again. I’m quite glad that Mugi here has a playful expression and pose.


Here’s Mugi with a full body photo. I love that her shoes and her little hair clip match. The wind effect on her hair also gives a nice touch, as it doesn’t make the figure look too simple and boring.


Here, you can see Mugi from the back. I think looking at her back shows off her lovely, lovely legs better than the front.


When I first opened this figure, I was genuinely happy with how great Mugi looked — only it is a prize figure. It’s my first prize figure (set) and so I’m not sure what to expect when it comes to quality. As it turns out, when it comes to quality — what you pay for is what you really get. Mugi is a prize figure that costs less than 1000 yen (if you don’t include the shipping fees) and so, you would see things like seamlines and small lumps of PVC that could have been removed. An example would be that unsightly line at the middle part of her hair. There’s also a small lump a little above that line.


What I like is that even if she is a prize figure, some attention was still paid to very minute details like the wrinkles on her arm-warmer and on the right side of her shirt. Sadly, there are more manufacturing flaws than the small details included.


At first, this photo was only so that I can show you the seamline on Mugi’s head. But after looking at the photo, I realized that Mugi was wearing an armwarmer on her left arm and not a long glove. It wasn’t really noticeable when you just look at her in front.


There are no thigh-highs here, or this would have definitely been a zettai ryouiki candidate. I keep thinking as to why the top of her thighs have a different color from the rest of her legs though. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or if this was because of the glue. I would have expected it to be lighter if there was a color difference since upper thighs get less exposure. Then again, the color difference was also prominent on the box so I’m more confused about it.


Last but and definitely the least is the base. We have been left with a plain, black plastic base that’s too big of a space taker for such a slim figure. I think even something like a print would have sufficed or at least something colorful. Of course, this is a prize figure, and if scaled figures have not-so-creative bases, we shouldn’t expect too much of one that is probably only a tenth of the price. Seriously though, I’m going to emulate the other people out there and use this base for an autograph someday!

This concludes my review of Banpresto K-On! PV Costume ~Ver. 2~ Kotobuki Tsumugi. Now for the grades:

Review Statistics
Packaging: ★★★★
Standard Issue packaging, not much needs to be said. Considering the cost of the figure, it’s pretty okay since they actually gave some effort in the packaging.
Design: ★★★★
It was definitely a plus that Banpresto decided to tackle this outfit and not just the same old school uniform outfits that we get too much of. It will always be a great unique addition to everyone’s collection. The only reason that this is not getting five stars is that there could have been less flaws like seamlines, PVC blobs and that plain base.
Posing: ★★★★★
The pose is simple, but very playful. It’s a treat to the eyes, not to mention the pose makes us look at Mugi’s lovely legs
Enjoyment: ★★★★
The only thing that dampers my enjoyment of this figure is that I don’t know where I can place her with that uber huge base of nothingness. If I ever get it signed though, that would be epic!
Value for money: ★★★★★
For around 1000 yen, I could only get a few gashapon that are not necessarily that great. I think that this figure has good value for how much it costs.
Overall Rating: ★★★★★
For those who are Mugi fans like I am, I think that this prize figure is a great, unique addition to your Mugi collection because she is very adorable and it shows her in something that is CANON and yet is not something you have always seen (like the swimsuits and the school uniforms). She’s pretty cheap too, and you can always get creative with the base if you don’t like it like I do. As for general K-On! fans, I still recommend getting these prize figures because, even with their flaws, they are great additions to your collection and are affordable ones as well!

Well, thank you for reading my first ever prize figure review! As an omake, and because this shot looks surprisingly good, I dedicate a #kneepits photo for the figure blogosphere resident ecchiman blogger: LightningSabre. I hope you enjoyed this review~!


Oh and just an addition, I actually saw this video from the K-On! PSP game, it shows them in the PV outfits — with Azunyan~! :3

8 Responses to “Review: Banpresto K-On! PV Costume ~Ver. 2~ Kotobuki Tsumugi”

  1. 1 lightningsabre February 21, 2011 at 4:03 AM

    Har har XD Omake! I know Prize Figures very well. They are surprisingly good for the more affordable price. That’s why I have lots of Rei, lol. And indeed the details on Mugi is quite good. I especially like the hair accessories. Packaging for Prize Figures can be surprisingly resilient. I once crushed a box by accident, but the content was still intact! I’ll be watching for the rest of the girls, yes? :D

    • 2 Ninjovee February 27, 2011 at 8:57 AM

      Yes~ hair accessories are just adorbz~! I think I would look out for more prize figures since I’m pretty happy with how Mugi looked. Of course, I’d be looking for the more unique ones a.k.a. ones that don’t have scaled versions. I’ve been eyeing those “with Hello Kitty” prize figures I’ve been seeing on Neko Magic though… OH GOSH MY WALLET. TAT;

      Oh, and the other girls will be coming in soon-ish :3 a.k.a when I have some time off again!

  2. 3 Fabrice February 23, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    She looks good, the only problem is the base…black really doesnt fit with the colors on tsumugi.
    worth getting for that price O.o

    • 4 Ninjovee February 27, 2011 at 8:58 AM

      I know. It’s a huge bummer, but I think most prize figures have a black base. From what I’ve seen of them anyway. She’s definitely worth it! =) if I wasn’t so nitpicky the seam lines aren’t that evident anyway.

  3. 5 anonymous_object March 7, 2011 at 9:59 AM

    Mugi is such a cutie ^^. I have a few prize figures also and while they’re not super high quality, for their low prices, they are hard to beat. Seems like Mugi was a good buy. Congrats ^^

  4. 6 lovelyduckie March 10, 2011 at 4:22 AM

    I love how much better prize figures are these days.

  5. 7 Yi March 19, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    I love her outfit! It’s so fresh and really pops. She’s super adorable.

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