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Full Metal Alchemist Chessboard Mail-order Exclusive



This month, Arakawa-sensei has closed the book on Full Metal Alchemist for good with the final chapter of Full Metal Alchemist released in the latest issue (July) of GanGan. I just read the scanlations of the final chapter a while ago from trusty old OneManga and couldn’t be more satisfied with the ending. Although, there is still that feeling of wanting more from the series. All I can say is: some events were unexpected, but, this final chapter will definitely tie a lot of loose ends — and leaving some ends open for the reader’s imagination. I have sat at the edge of my seat, mostly cried, then laughed near the end. It was really a good conclusion, and I’m pretty sure a lot of fellow fans would feel the same. I can’t wait to see what Arakawa-sensei will come up with next.

Moving on to the main point of this post, well, it’s yet another news post, but seeing as there is not much awareness for FMA merchandise, and that I’m still mulling over the end of one of my favorite series for all time… here it is!

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Another Attack of the Exclusives!

Yes. As the title says, it’s another attack of the exclusives. I have to admit, I haven’t really been up to date with all the new figure releases lately. Life has been a bit busier for me more or less, which is why I am unable to look through the new announcements of upcoming figures like I used to. A friend on Twitter gave me a heads up on a exclusive figure of a character I love though, which is why this post has been made.

First up, the one of the releases that have piqued my interest are the upcoming Touhou plushies by Gift.

Sanae and Sakuya Plushies by Gift

Sanae and Sakuya Plushies by Gift

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Black★Rock Shooter Love! ♥

Apologies folks for the lack of posts for the past… *checks date of last post* month. Goodness. That has really been a while since I last posted. Well this isn’t much of a new post but hopefully, I’ll get off my lazy ass and start a few articles that I’ve been meaning to start for a while.

figma BRS; Image snatched from AmiAmi

figma BRS; Image snatched from AmiAmi

So *cough* on to the topic… as the title says, and probably fellow (avid) BRS fans have already know by now, pre-orders for the figma and nendoroid incarnations of Black★Rock Shooter are have been opened at your favorite online retailers (like AmiAmi, Otacute, and HLJ) since 12:00 noon JST today. Continue reading ‘Black★Rock Shooter Love! ♥’

Why, yes… it is yet another Saber Lily

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

So, I found out news that GSC is going to release another version of Saber Lily and she’s going to be an exclusive release. The name of this version is Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~. I’m pretty sure those who have followed me for some time know I have a soft spot for Saber — especially Saber Lily, but I’m frankly disappointed with how GSC is going about with their figure releases lately. This one, is a major annoyance in my opinion.

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figma Saber (Fate Extra ver.): To get or not to get?


So, the Fate/Stay Night series has another game that’s coming out called Fate Extra, with Saber in another getup — and I guess with the huge success gathered by Saber Lily from Fate/Unlimited Codes, they decided to make another exclusive figma to come with the game. Danny Choo just posted the photos of the limited edition Saber Extra (that sounds wrong) a bit earlier. As much as I love Saber, I can’t really say the same for this figure.

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Decisions, decisions. ;A;



Wasabi Toys just updated their store list yesterday, and *legasp* they suddenly restocked on a whole load of figmas. ;A; now I’m pretty torn because I was bent on getting Saber Lily Alter and GSC Saber Lily — but I’m suddenly opting for buying just one scaled Saber Lily and buying figmas/Nendo Kagamiku instead.

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Nendoroid Play Set #01: School Life now restocked!

Nendoroid School Playset

Nendoroid School Playset

The first Nendoroid playset produced by Phat Company has now been restocked in Hobby Search. There are two portions of the playset that have to be bought seperately. Each set has a regular retail price of 1800 yen — so buying both is equivalent to buying a single Nendoroid. I wonder if the re-stock has been timed this way since the K-On! Nendoroids are coming out in a couple of months… hmm.

I personally prefer the Japanese Life playset more, and the upcoming music room playset. :D

figma Canaan available for pre-orders!

figma Canaan by Max Factory

figma Canaan by Max Factory

figma Canaan is now available for pre-orders at Hobby Search. She is scheduled to be released on November.

I was particularly hyped about figma Canaan, but sadly, I’m going to pass on her because I don’t have money aotm. ;A;

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