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The Hunt for a Starbucks Tumbler

Starbucks Japan Valentines 2011 Collection

Starbucks Japan Valentines 2011 Collection

I have been quite a Starbucks fan since I first discovered it in high school. I never was a huge coffee fan when I was younger but I started liking Starbucks frappucinos since my sister introduced to me them. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I liked it quite a lot. Later on though, I have acquired a taste for coffee as well, and I don’t think I have to say that I liked getting my coffee from Starbucks when I can too.

When I got to college, I have always wanted a Starbucks tumbler, but I was never fond of the designs that I see on the display shelves. I’m always a believer of getting the best things for a good price and I didn’t want to spend more than my half-week’s allowance on something I didn’t really like.

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Last month’s loot!

A quite a big box! :3 Guess what's inside?

It’s actually September now! It’s amazing. Time passes by so quickly! I actually felt like yesterday was Monday, even though it’s going to be Thursday tomorrow already Thursday. Before we know it, it’s going to be December, and then we’ll start to say hello to 2011! O_O;

Speaking of which, I’ve supposed to have two posts out by now… one for WonFes, which seems like so long ago now, and one for my BRS review. I’ve been lazy (AGAIN?!) whenever I try and start with it. I’ve already made drafts for my WonFes posts and scratched them when I’ve realized there were so many figures I wanted to talk about! OTL

Anyway! That’s not what I wanted to talk about! I’ve been on quite a spree lately, I felt like August has been quite taxing on my wallet, but funnily enough, the stuff that I did pay for during August hasn’t arrived yet! (Mail people slow. Go figure.)

I’ve actually tweeted about this quite large package (see above photo) before, but no one really guessed what was in it. Curious? :3

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I’m still here! Random updates, sales… and giveaways?

Nendo Yoko and Nendo Reimu on my desk

A Random photo because I don't know what to put in here! (and no, I do not support Apple much, like a lot of other bloggers seem to do XD)

Hi everyone! I’m technically back from the blogging graveyard after being sucked in by my borderline-chronic May sickness. I think I was sucked in from playing The Sims 3 for a while, and then I suddenly just found this huge speed bump of laziness (as if my laziness in the past wasn’t lazy enough). But really, I don’t have anything else to blame for not being able to blog except for the fact that I feel that I lacked the drive to do so for the past few weeks. I am still active in collecting, as attested by my influx of purchases — half of them being impulsive ones — and the increasing piles of boxes that can be found in various parts of my room. Those who have been following me through my Twitter might know some of the loot I’ve acquired during my silence in the blogosphere.

I’ve pretty much been active on Twitter since it’s pretty easy, mobile and instant. It really sucks your time in, as much as online window shopping could (which I’ve been SO guilty of the past few weeks).

So what else have I been up to lately? I’ve been joining giveaways! Trying to get freebies is always fun especially if you have a very expensive hobby like figure and merchandise collecting. Continue reading ‘I’m still here! Random updates, sales… and giveaways?’

~Distant Avalon~ Trial shoot: I still have much to learn. + eBay Halp?

First Shot

Celize's very first photo. ^^

As per usual, you can click on the images to see them in higher resolution.

Hi guys! This is probably refreshing to most of you. No rants, no wished figures or figure pre-orders… these are actual photos that I took myself! After SUCH a long time! I don’t really think that my figure photography has been missed by many (since they’re not really that good compared to others ^^;) but I did miss taking photos of figures. After all, it’s the most practice I can get even if I don’t get out of the house!

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Black★Rock Shooter Love! ♥

Apologies folks for the lack of posts for the past… *checks date of last post* month. Goodness. That has really been a while since I last posted. Well this isn’t much of a new post but hopefully, I’ll get off my lazy ass and start a few articles that I’ve been meaning to start for a while.

figma BRS; Image snatched from AmiAmi

figma BRS; Image snatched from AmiAmi

So *cough* on to the topic… as the title says, and probably fellow (avid) BRS fans have already know by now, pre-orders for the figma and nendoroid incarnations of Black★Rock Shooter are have been opened at your favorite online retailers (like AmiAmi, Otacute, and HLJ) since 12:00 noon JST today. Continue reading ‘Black★Rock Shooter Love! ♥’


This is the OTACOOL 2 cover... So, what do you think?

This is the OTACOOL 2 cover... So, what do you think?

Note: I can’t stress this enough guys, so I’ll put this in before I go on typing the rest of this post: what is stated here is my opinion. I’m glad that there are people who do agree with some of the things I said, but, do not lump me with all the Danny Choo bashers, because I am merely disappointed in the whole project itself. There’s a huge difference between the two. Also, I don’t mind people who actually have opposing views because I also like to hear what people on the opposite side have to say. I’d like these people to be civil about it though. Thank you.

Anyway, you guys probably remembered my post about OTACOOL 2 and what happened after I posted it. This post will probably be the last time I’ll post about OTACOOL 2 (or at least, OTACOOL 2 being the main topic)… and so I’m planning to discuss a lot… starting with the cover.

Now, everyone who is at the least interested, whether it’s a positive interest or a negative one, has a view on what the cover looks like now.

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So many surprises. Coincidence?

This PHP documentation site is what greets me right after logging in to

During the day that I posted my sentiments about OTACOOL 2 (would have been the day after, if I hadn’t published my post at midnight. LOL) I’ve seen a few surprises.

One is that, if I’m not mistaken, I’m banned from I’ve been trying to access the site using my Firefox but I keep getting redirected to a PHP documentation site. I first tried those IP masking sites and got into the site okay… then I tried using Chrome and got to access the site too. But, after trying to log in the site, I am once again redirected to the same documentation page. That was really a surprise.

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I’m afraid for OTACOOL 2

Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

We all know who Konata is cosplaying as. Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

Well, a few days ago, I was pondering over submitting my own entry at OTACOOL 2. I even tweeted about it (and some of you replied). Well, as of now, I decided that with all the awesome entries for OTACOOL 2, not to mention that most of the cosplayers actually make their costumes — and not simple ones at that — makes my submission moot. Since I know that my underwhelming cosplays would probably not make it even in a single page of OTACOOL 2. ^^;

So, why am I afraid with the fate of OTACOOL 2 when there are so many awesome cosplayers submitting their entries?

It’s because some people… especially the ones who are CHOOSING which entries are going to be inside that book, seem to be missing the actual point of cosplaying.

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