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Cosplayer In Focus: Maridah

Well, it’s April fools, but I don’t want to join in the April Fools jokes because I couldn’t think of anything witty enough to fool anyone! Instead, I focused my free time into something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while: interviews. Hopefully, unlike Music Mondays that I have failed to follow through by now, I shall keep up with this series — but of course, it’s not a regular thing since it’s pretty difficult to be able to schedule things with other people, not to mention go up to them and say: “Hey! Can I take up some of your time and interview you?” Thankfully, the first person that I’m going to feature is sweet enough to say yes, and so, here it is!


Maridah as Saber; Photo by Jeff of

I had the privilege of interviewing the awesome, lovely and sweet Saber cosplayer known as Maridah (or maridahhadiram). You might have seen her around since she has sent her entry for OTACOOL 2, and was lucky enough to get DC’s previous spot on the cover. So, enough of my boring blabber and let’s get on to the interview!

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This is the OTACOOL 2 cover... So, what do you think?

This is the OTACOOL 2 cover... So, what do you think?

Note: I can’t stress this enough guys, so I’ll put this in before I go on typing the rest of this post: what is stated here is my opinion. I’m glad that there are people who do agree with some of the things I said, but, do not lump me with all the Danny Choo bashers, because I am merely disappointed in the whole project itself. There’s a huge difference between the two. Also, I don’t mind people who actually have opposing views because I also like to hear what people on the opposite side have to say. I’d like these people to be civil about it though. Thank you.

Anyway, you guys probably remembered my post about OTACOOL 2 and what happened after I posted it. This post will probably be the last time I’ll post about OTACOOL 2 (or at least, OTACOOL 2 being the main topic)… and so I’m planning to discuss a lot… starting with the cover.

Now, everyone who is at the least interested, whether it’s a positive interest or a negative one, has a view on what the cover looks like now.

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So many surprises. Coincidence?

This PHP documentation site is what greets me right after logging in to

During the day that I posted my sentiments about OTACOOL 2 (would have been the day after, if I hadn’t published my post at midnight. LOL) I’ve seen a few surprises.

One is that, if I’m not mistaken, I’m banned from I’ve been trying to access the site using my Firefox but I keep getting redirected to a PHP documentation site. I first tried those IP masking sites and got into the site okay… then I tried using Chrome and got to access the site too. But, after trying to log in the site, I am once again redirected to the same documentation page. That was really a surprise.

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I’m afraid for OTACOOL 2

Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

We all know who Konata is cosplaying as. Sadly, I don't know who Kagamin is cosplaying as

Well, a few days ago, I was pondering over submitting my own entry at OTACOOL 2. I even tweeted about it (and some of you replied). Well, as of now, I decided that with all the awesome entries for OTACOOL 2, not to mention that most of the cosplayers actually make their costumes — and not simple ones at that — makes my submission moot. Since I know that my underwhelming cosplays would probably not make it even in a single page of OTACOOL 2. ^^;

So, why am I afraid with the fate of OTACOOL 2 when there are so many awesome cosplayers submitting their entries?

It’s because some people… especially the ones who are CHOOSING which entries are going to be inside that book, seem to be missing the actual point of cosplaying.

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Doraemon cosplaying!

I stumbled into a random facebook page where it had a load of awesome Doraemon fanart — where Doraemon cosplays as different popular characters. I went to look for the site and lo and behold: I found it! I’ll share to you some of my favorites!

Cosplaying as Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders

Cosplaying as Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders

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